First Doctor Appointment (Pediatrician)

Rowan had his first doctor appointment since leaving the hospital this past Tuesday. Of course, I had no idea what to expect going into the pediatricians office this being my first (and ONLY) child. I was so excited to get out of the house and pack my diaper bag for the first time (which I didn’t need one thing out of ha ha). I was expecting a quick in and out, just a regular check-up because he was born at 7.8 lbs, a super healthy little boy. When I arrived I filled out the neccesary paper work and went back into a room entitled “number 3”. They came in and got his weight and asked me some questions. Who did he live with? Was the house baby proofed? Heck no it’s not, he is a newborn! Did anyone smoke in the house? Some other pretty intrusive questions in my opinion. Then they told me the doctor would be in shortly. She goes by “GG” and when she came in I could already tell what was getting ready to come out of her mouth wasn’t going to be good. And I was right. She told me he weighed 6.8, a 12% decrease in weight loss. They usually start to worry around 7% so this was very worrisome. I was shocked because in all the reading I had done I read time and time again that babies lost a lot of weight in the first week and then they begin to gain it back. She told me that I needed to let him empty out each breast because the last bit of milk has the most nutrients and fats in it. If he was still hungry I needed to top him off with formula. At this point I had been slacking and not taking breast feeding seriously so I was feeding him a lot of formula. I decided then and there, NO MORE, I would strictly do breast milk because it was so much better for him. You can read more about this journey in To Breastfeed or Not? That is the Question! I was certain he would gain weight if I changed his diet to strictly milk from my teat. She asked me to come back in 24 hours to see if he gained any weight… this started to rack my nerves. I went home a nervous wreck thinking I was already failing at this mommy thing but, I was determined to give this breast feeding thing all my attention and see what happened!

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