Supplements Used to Increase Milk Supply + Other Tips

I have become so pro-breast-feeding it’s not even funny. I went from one end of the spectrum to the other. I have gotten to know my boobies really well recently and I am here to help you get to know yours as well. If you read my post To Breastfeed or Not? That is the Question! you know I have been struggling with my milk supply. And I am here to tell all you mama’s out there that this is a common issue. I want to start out by letting you know that your breast size does not determine how much milk you will make. I had thought since my boobs went up to a DD that I would be producing milk left and right. Nope! You could be a size A and if you have been breastfeeding since day one, you are more likely to be producing more milk (and I mean a lot more) than I am. My milk supply got so low that two days ago I entered myself into what I am calling “breast milk boot camp” to boost it. Slowly I am gaining some momentum. Today I pumped three ounces compared to-day one pumping less than one. Of course, I researched and found a bunch of different “all natural” supplements to take that would increase milk supply. Heck yea, I am game. I went out and purchased as many as I could find right away. If you have low milk game definitely purchase some of these because my milk is really starting to come in. Check out my Breastmilk Boot Camp post to see the success I have been having after starting to do all of these things. Again, these are all natural supplements that you can find at most vitamin stores.

1. Fenugreek Seed- 8.50$ for 100 count. Buy it here!

Nature's Way Premium Herbal Fenugreek Seed 610 MG Veg-Capsule, 320 Count

2. Prenatal Vitamins 30.85$ for 300 count.  Yes, you still need to continue taking these after pregnancy if you are planning on breastfeeding your little one and you can buy them here

Zahler Prenatal DHA, Premium Prenatal Vitamins for Mother and Child, Prenatal DHA Supports Brain Development in babies, Certified Kosher (60 Count)

3. Lactiful- 99$ for 300 tablets. I have had the MOST success with this because it contains everything I am listing and then some extra. The only downside is it is around 200$ for a bottle but, if you are as desperate as I am you might just want to try this one and skip all the others. Get some lactiful!Lactiful Supply Max - World's Strongest Herbal Lactation Supplement for Increasing Breast Milk Supply

4. Herb Lore Tinkster- 32.99$ for 4 oz. Not only does this increase your supply but it also helps with baby’s gas and colic. This is not mass-produced so it sells out quickly as of today (12/17/17) there are 6 bottles left in supply) and you can get it here!

Herb Lore Organic Nursing Tea Tincture With Moringa. Alcohol Base, 4 Ounces, Lactation Tea Helps Increase Breast Milk Supply Naturally And Calms Colic And Gas in Baby and Mama

5. UpSpring MilkFlow Drink Mix- 17.99 for 24 servings. This contains Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle all in one. Buy it here!UpSpring Milkflow Fenugreek + Blessed Thistle Chai Tea Latte Powder Drink Mix 24 Servings

6. Lactation Cookies 18.97$ I get mine made from someone local at the hospital here, but I did find these chocolate oatmeal ones on amazon that have over 400+ positive reviews. Get you some cookies!

Lactation Cookie Mix with Blessed Thistle - Formulated with Key Ingredients To Help Boost and Support Breast Milk Supply In Nursing Mothers

7. Tea- 11.39$ Pink Stork Liquid Gold Loose Leaf Tea in Biodegradable Sachets. They sell this at  Target but I am posting the link for amazon, buy it here!

Pink Stork Liquid Gold: Breastfeeding and Lactation Support Tea -Organic Loose Leaf Tea in Biodegradable Sachets -Natural Lactation Support -Nursing Mother’s Tea -Enhance Breastmilk Nutrition, Supply

8. Goat’s Rue Supplement 16.99$ for 60 count by Mommy Knows Best, buy it here!

9. Let There Be Milk- 16.79$ for a 1 oz. bottle. Another tinkster that you add a few drops to your beverage to take and you can buy it here!

There you have it! This is the list of things I have in the house and am using. There are MILLIONS more products out there that you can purchase to supplement with. These are just what I have and is working for me! Don’t think for a minute that just taking these will increase your supply, it is hard work as you can see from my breast milk boot camp blog. You really have to exert a lot of effort and be diligent to increase your output. Here are some other tips and tricks that I am using to get my milk to come in.

  1. Empty out your breasts completely. This means when your baby is done nursing you need to be pumping so that every last drop of milk is used. If you are exclusively pumping you need to pump for a solid 15-20 minutes even if nothing is coming out. Both of these encourage your body to produce more milk. And on a high note, the last bit of milk to exit your boobies is the highest in nutrients and fats therefore, best for baby! This milk helps them gain weight and is all around just plain good for them!
  2. Nurse as frequently as possible. Do not go by a feeding schedule, go by baby’s demands. Sometimes the demands are high. Little Row has been “cluster feeding” ever hour-two hours and it is draining me. But, I know this is good for my milk supply so I continue to get up and let the little guy suck on the teat. I swear I probably slept for a total of two hours last night…. I am exhausted. I have to remind myself that these times are fleeting and one day soon he won’t want me feeding him. So, treasure every single one of these wonderful moments.
  3. Make sure to offer both breasts to baby during a feeding, let him empty out one and then start on the other. At the beginning of the next breast-feeding session begin with the opposite breast you started with last time.
  4. Try switching every time baby falls asleep or starts to comfort suck on the teat.
  5. Use breast compression, which means to “sand which” your boob and force all the milk out. Start at the base of your breast and work your way out. If you feel any lumps work on that spot for a bit longer until lump dissipates. These are either clogged ducts or just filled up with a ton of milk.
  6. Don’t supplement with formula. I can not stress this enough! This was my downfall to low milk supply and I will forever regret it. DON’T DO IT!
  7. Take care of yourself, stress causes less milk production. Make sure you are getting plenty of rest because when you rest you are producing the most milk. Eat a healthy diet full of protein.
  8. Drink lots of water! This is an absolute must. Breast milk is made of 99% water. And baby is literally sucking you dry so you need to replenish all of the water that they take out. I drink a 16 oz. bottle before and after a feeding and in between whenever I feel up to it.
  9. Add pumping to the mix and pump after every breastfeeding session. Again, this is to empty the breast completely to encourage your body to produce more.

Now they will tell you to avoid bottles and pacifiers. Every baby is different and little Row has had no problem switching from bottle to breast and back again (the bottle is full of expressed milk). If you choose to do this make sure that you choose a bottle with a wide nipple, resembling your teat, and make sure it is slow flow (also mimicking the breast). Most moms will need to use bottles even if they are breast-feeding because of times you aren’t around and someone else needs to feed him. I also use a pacifier to soothe him and this hasn’t been a problem either but, again remember every baby is different so just see what works for you! So there you have it, my tips and tricks and list of supplements that I use! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Especially if you have a trick that works for you or you know of an awesome supplement.. let me know! I want all the advice I can get being a new, first time mommy. Find out more about Me ♥!

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