What I Packed In My Hospital Bag

This was one of the biggest nerve-wrecking things for me to think about while pregnant. What was I supposed to bring to the hospital for my stay? How long would I be there? When should I start packing? And so began my digging into research about what other moms suggested. I took some of their advice along with some of my own and started putting together a bag about two months before I was due! It was a slow process but at the end of your pregnancy you get so excited that I just couldn’t wait to start. Now most people are quickly in and out of the hospital after they deliver. I on the other hand, had to spend a full four days (which seemed like eternity) there due to some complications. I saw so many moms make a quick exit during my stay. For the most part you will only be there for about 2 days total unless you have a c-section or other complications. At first I was going to buy a new bag so I had a “special” bag just for this occasion. Then I quickly realized that was a big waste of money, I could use one of the gazillion bags I already owned. So I picked out a bag and set it aside to slowly start loading up with things I wanted to bring. I did however purchase a special robe, socks, nightgowns, and hat (I have a matching one for little Row) just for my visit. Everything you read will have a few different items on their list items to pack so look into what other moms brought as well. Here are the items I decided to bring:

  1. A warm fuzzy robe– I was, for the most part, warm during my stay at the hospital. Throughout my pregnancy I stayed hot maybe from all the blood circulating through my body or maybe from the hormones. I did however still wear my robe while trying to breast feed but, other than that, I did not. If you are cold natured definitely pack a warmer robe because hospitals are normally chilly. In my room I had control over the temperature (super nice bonus!) and it made all the difference in my need for a robe.
  2. Non-skid Socks– I had one pair of these fluffy fox socks with those little rubber things on the bottom so that I could walk around without worrying about falling. I also had a pair of fuzzy slippers that had the little rubber things on the bottom as well for the same purpose. I wore both of these everyday.
  3. Slippers– I also brought a pair of fuzzy slippers (everything is fuzzy because it is December and cold) that I could wear while I walked around outside of my room. And, because I stayed here four days I got a good use out of these.
  4. Big Pillow– This was one of the best things I decided to bring. I never trust hotel pillows so why would I trust the hospital ones. I am glad I didn’t, they sucked! It is also nice having some things that smell and remind you of home for comfort sake.
  5. Nightgown– I got a very pretty flower nightgown and long-sleeved hooded shirt that I could easily nurse in that I brought. I wore this quite a bit too (I changed numerous times during a day). It was nice not to have to pull pants on and off for a bit because I was beyond soar down you know where.
  6. Money– This it pretty obvious and I really feel it goes without saying that you will want snacks and what not from vendors in the hospital so bring some money with you. They had a Starbucks in the hospital I was at and I went everyday more than once.
  7. Nursing Bra– If you are going to be breastfeeding it is a good idea to go ahead and bring at least one nursing bra with you to the hospital, I did.
  8. Sweatpants– Now don’t even think that you will want to wear normal clothes (jeans, leggings, etc.) during your stay or when you leave the hospital. YOU WILL NOT, I repeat YOU WILL NOT be wanting to put jeans on when you leave. I left at the end of day four and I was nowhere near wanting to put jeans on. Come to think of it is day 10 and I STILL haven’t and don’t want to put jeans on. I wear sweatpants around the house and if I leave it is still maternity leggings and a loose-fitting shirt.
  9. Toiletries– I brought my hairbrush and thank goodness for that because they had nothing of the sort there. Toothpaste, toothbrush, cocoa butter, deodorant. Now I did not bring shampoo because I expected them to have it since my room had a shower but they did not and I really regretted that. So, bring shampoo if you plan on taking a shower. Even if you don’t plan on taking one I would bring it just in case you end up there longer than you think like I did.
  10. Book– I brought the book that I was currently reading although I did not open it once.
  11. IPad– I brought my IPad and I will admit I used this the most aimlessly just trying to pass the time.
  12. Breastfeeding Pillow– I brought my boppy pillow to use while breastfeeding. This is another thing that I did not use at all while I was there. Although I blame this on the fact that the nurse got me to give him a bottle so I slacked on even trying to breast feed while I was there. HUGE MISTAKE, it is taking me a long time and a tremendous amount of effort to get my milk supply back.
  13. Baby Bag– For Row I packed a few outfits, some socks, a few hats, and a blanket. I did not use ANY of the outfits I brought except for when we left the hospital. As much as I thought and hoped I would be putting him in these cute outfits right away that was not the case. Not to say you can’t, I just think you won’t want to like I didn’t want to. They are just out of the womb, they don’t want to be messed with to change that much. Plus, the nurses are checking their vitals like every hour and you would have to undress him every time they did that. You should without a doubt bring socks to keep their feet warm (I also put them on his little hands because he was scratching his face) and bring some hats to keep their noggin warm. A note I want to add about the hat situation–bring bigger hats because when a baby is vaginally delivered their head is re-shaped to fit out of the birthing canal. This makes for a very long “cone head”. Rowan had an extremely big “cone head” and all the hats I brought did not fit him which lead to my mom going to buy some bigger while I stayed at the hospital waiting.
  14. Cell Phone & Charger– I think this is pretty obvious and everyone will remember to bring their phone and charger but wanted to add it to my list.
  15. Medicine– I brought some IB Profen and the medicine I was taking at the time.
  16. Larger Underwear– When I say larger I mean LARGER. I was 105 pre-pregnancy and wore an extra-small in everything or size 0. I bought and wore size LARGE panties after giving birth and high-waisted at that. You will be wearing ice packs and big ol’ pads so the bigger the undies the better!
  17. Breast Pump– I brought my Medela breast pump to the hospital but you don’t need to bring one. They supply a hospital grade breast pump in the room with you so no need to fret. I just wanted mine there because it does both breasts at once as opposed to one.

So there it is, my list of things I brought with me to the hospital. To tell you the truth I needed more clothes than I brought. I was there for four days when I was planning on staying for two so that is expected. Let me know what you brought to the hospital in comments below. Tell me what I should have added to this list or what you really were glad you packed in your bag! As always, thanks for reading. Find out more about Me ♥

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