Baby Products Part 3 (Everything I Bought + Reviews)

Hello all you beautiful mamas (and possibly daddy’s too!) out there! I am glad you have found this post and hope you have already read Baby Products Part 1 (Everything I Bought+Reviews) & Baby Products Part 2 (Everything I Bought + Reviews). If you haven’t go check them out when you are done reading this! I am a VERY new mom (13 days today!) and I am reviewing ALL the baby products that I have purchased for my newborn, little Row. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments below. Also, if you know of an awesome product I want to hear about it! So, please comment with any products that you yourself recommend!

  • Fisher Price on-the-go Play Dome (34.84 @ Was-Mart) VERDICT STILL OUT

This product just seems like a winner all the way around. It is extremely portable, it foldsIMG_20171219_093132777.jpg IMG_20171219_093308204.jpgup into itself and is super flat; can fit anywhere. You could take it to the beach, on a hike, a picnic, pretty much anywhere! My sister knew how much I wanted this for little Row and she bought it for his baby shower. Baby can get tummy time and have room for toys in there or could lay on their back and look up at all the dangling toys that are attached to it. I have yet to use it so the verdict is still out on this item but I can’t imagine giving it any less than a full five ♥ rating!

  • Doodle & Co pacifier (9.99$ @ Doodle&Co) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Even though I have yet to use these because I bought the ones meant for 1+ years of age I IMG_20171219_093456910.jpgam going to go ahead and give them five ♥’s just because the idea is so ingenious. I am atIMG_20171219_093454927.jpg day 17 of motherhood and I can’t count how many times I have had to lick Rowans paci to clean it off before putting it back in his tiny mouth. This pacifier solves all of those issues. It pops back into itself whenever it leaves baby’s mouth so that it doesn’t get anything on it! I will post a video of it in action for you to see but I am just absolutely in love with this paci already!

  • Fridababy NoseFrida (SnotSucker) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

This is another great product and a must have for new moms. Instead of using those bulb thingies to get snot out of little ones nose I now have this new invention to use instead.IMG_20171219_093538528.jpg IMG_20171219_093605069.jpgYou put one piece inside your baby’s nose and the other piece inside your mouth and then you suck and this little filter in the tubing catches all the boogies and snot! It sounds disgusting I know but, this is a million gazillion times more effective that you this bulb sucker. Great product!

  • Safety 1st thermometer (29.99$ @ Target) ♥

Stay away from this thermometer! They did not have the one I wanted when I went to purchase it so I went with the safety first choice without doing any research. Big IMG_20171219_093520781.jpgmistake! This thermometer is horrible. It has given me a different reading every time I use it (even on myself) in one sitting. Not reliable at all. I feel like it just makes up a number it wants and displays it each use. DO NOT BUY THIS! I will be heading back to get the one I wanted in the beginning (Braun forehead thermometer, if you are wondering) and throwing this janky thing away!

  • Butt Paste (4.99$ @ Target) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Screw all the other butt creams I say! I didn’t even have to research ointments to find my favorite one! My mommy cousin did it for me :). Got a baby with a rash? Or a baby with a red bum on the way to a rash? Need help? Look no further. I have found the solution for you! I know you can get the house brand for maybe .75 cheaper but, spendIMG_20171219_093103639.jpg that extra bit and get Butt Paste. It is a lot thicker and really coats Row’s bum well. Rash be gone! My cousin highly recommended this product to me and now I am highly recommending it to all you mama’s out there!

  • Wub-a-Nub pacifier (13.99$ @ Target) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

If you are doing the whole “paci soothing” thing then this is another great pacifier to get because it connects to a stuffed animal. This makes it a lot easier for baby to hold onto and also for you as a mama to keep track of it and not lose it. The pacifier IMG_20171219_092931318_HDR.jpgitself is the avent infant soothie paci which I have in the two pack as well. I tried those first without the stuffed animal attached and it just kept falling out of little Row’s mouth. So, if you are going to purchase those just stop yourself and go for the ones attached to animals. They have all differentIMG_20171219_092957721.jpg animals to choose from. I personally have an elephant, a giraffe, and two different foxes. Highly recommend this product for newborn to toddler stage.

  • Diaper Genie (24.99$ @ Target) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I know no mom out there wants their baby’s nursery or house for that matter smelling like dirty diapers! And then there was the Diaper Genie the problem solver! I have yet IMG_20171219_093652361.jpgto smell anything in the nursery what-s-ever and we have some pretty massive doodie diapers in there! The secret behind this diaper pail is that it has two compartments. You pop open the top and then push the diaper down into the second compartmentIMG_20171219_093656144.jpg and the lid pops back behind you tightly securing the area where the diaper is. And on top of it not smelling it is easy to remove the full bag. Simply lift the whole lid pull some extra bag and cut it off (they have a scissor area that you use to do this). Let’s not forget the super reasonable price point this product is offered at either! Win, Win, Win!

  • Baby Bugsn Bubble Birp Cloths ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Having a newborn means dirty diapers, late nights, and a lot of spitting up! So, do IMG_20171219_093821200_BURST001.jpgyourself a favor and get some birp cloths for all that spit up! I don’t want to brag or jinx myself, but Rowan has only spit up twice since having him 13 days ago. Once in the hospital and once at home. I am blaming it on the formula because ever since he has had exclusively breast milk this has not been an issue. And I thought all babies spit up all the time! Maybe he was just blessedIMG_20171219_093828736.jpg with a good tummy? Whatever it is I hope he stays this way! I am sure after speaking (actually typing) this out loud I will have spit up all over me by the end of today! These burp cloths are my favorite to use though for the burping sessions with him. They have a pretty pattern on one side, millions of patterns to choose from, and on the other a soft towel like fabric. They are the perfect size and fold up nicely. Also laying on your shoulder comfortably. If you are going to invest in a burp cloth these are the way to go!

  • Boon Grass Drying Rack (15.99$ @ Target) ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I would say even if you are exclusively breast-feeding you will need a few bottles for those times you want someone else to feed your little one or, when you want to venture IMG_20171219_093850502.jpgout of the house without them. Instead of washing bottles in the dishwasher I use this nifty product to dry my bottles and nipples after washing them in the sink. I love this so much that I purchased the twig tree attachment to hang all the nipples and pacis that I wash. ALL bottles will fit on this, you don’t have to have a specific brand of bottles.. ANY and ALL will fit. That is why this gets my blessing as a newborn product!

That is all for Part 3, if you missed by Part 1 and 2 you can find them here: Baby Products Part 1 (Everything I Bought+Reviews)Baby Products Part 2 (Everything I Bought + Reviews). Later I will be adding Part 4 for you to find out about even more newborn products! Please feel free to comment below or shoot me a question anytime! I am more than happy to give you mama’s out there ALL the knowledge in the world! Let me know what baby products are working for you and what’s not! Thanks for reading! Find out more about Me ♥

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