Little Row’s First Road Trip

Yesterday I attempted to do what most mothers would not. Take my very very newborn (13 days old) not only on a two-hour road trip but, to a funeral as well! My grandmothers IMG_20171217_134854014.jpgboyfriend (it feels strange saying boyfriend for someone her age but I guess that’s what we will call him?) had passed away the day before Rowan was born and she really needed all the family support she could get. So, I decided I would attempt the unthinkable and travel with my mom to Boone. Getting little Row’s diaper bag all packed up was another mission on its own. What would I need? Who knows? That means literally EVERYTHING gets packed just in case a “what if” situation occurred. You can head to my “What’s in Row’s Diaper Bag” blog post to see what I packed. Pretty much, 3 change of clothes, everything for a diaper change, hand sanitizer, a hat, jacket, and plenty more. Along with all of those things I had to bring my breast pump, a wrap to carry him in, and a change of clothes for me in case of a spit up happening. We were supposed to leave around 9 in the morning but didn’t get on the road until around 9:45… yes, you will think you have this down and then you just don’t. There is always one more thing you forgot or one more diaper change needing to be done before leaving. We were finally on the road and of course about 30 minutes into our trip I needed to start a pumping session. I whipped out my medela breast pump andIMG_20171217_133527228.jpg quickly realized I forgot the bottle attachments (or milk bags) to pump into. Of course this would happen to me (and it will happen to you to just wait!). My mom offered to turn around but that would waste another hour of our already late trip. So, I suggested looking for a Wal-Mart close by and just our luck there was one seven minutes away. I grabbed my card as she pulled in and jumped out in front of the doors. Raced down the aisles with my hair still up in curlers and grabbed the first box I found with bottle attachments in them. Raced back outside and jumped in the car. Took a total of 11 minutes to do all of this and get back on the road. Much better than the hour trip it would take to turn around and start all over again. Now I was in business. I only got about 2 hours of sleep the night before because Rowan is cluster feeding (meaning he is either going through a growth spurt or just wants to be close to me) and was feeding every hour if not sooner. I was exhausted and I finally fell asleep when we were about 20 minutes out from my grandmother’s house. Boo, that stinks! It was freezing in Boone, NC with snow all over the ground. We walked into my grandmothers house to be greeted by all of my aunts and uncles. Everyone crowded around the baby. I quickly handed him over to my aunt because I needed to use the restroom and she ended up not wanting to IMG_20171217_152811323-1.jpggive him up most of the time we were there. While the rest of the women crowded around her holding him I started talking and they all “ooohed and ahhhed”. I asked what he did and they told me as soon as he heard my voice he opened his eyes and started looking around. This warmed my heart more than words can say. It is an incredible feeling to be loved that much already by this tiny human. I changed his diaper and fed him a bottle (of expressed milk of course) and we headed over to the church for the service. My mom suggested we sit in the back in case I had to step out but, I was confident in my child’s ability to behave even at this age. And wouldn’t you know it, he didn’t cry or make even a peep during the whole thing. I would have to say I was worse behaved than he. I found myself dozing off and my mom had to wake me up at the end of the funeral. Now that’s mommy-hood at it’s finest for you!


Let me know if you have any questions and please leave me a comment below! I will respond the same day! And as always thanks for reading! Find out more about Me ♥

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