How to Soothe your Newborn + What Different Cries Mean

Every newborn cries, this is a fact. Some cry more than others and some cry less. Crying lets your babe signal numerous things. They can let you know when they are hungry or uncomfortable. Helps them shut out sensations that are too intense. And it can help them release tension. Sometimes they are fussy for a period of time which leads to deep sleeping spell. This is a way for them to exert excess energy. I feel as though I have been blessed with a child that cries less, usually only when he needs a diaper change or when IMG_20171219_155127543.jpghe is hungry. Rarely he will cry for no reason at all and the only thing to help is to hold and comfort him. I am just now beginning to notice what each of his cries mean and when I should just let him cry because nothing I do will help (this is beyond hard to do though). Did you know that babies will have a different cry for what they need or want? On top of that I thought that every newborn had the same crying sound. Nope! They each have their very own sound which makes sense considering we each have our own voice as adults. Below is a list of what different cries can mean and ways to soothe your baby back into silence.

  • A hungry cry is usually short and low-pitched, and it rises and falls
  • An angry cry tends to be more turbulent
  • A cry of pain or distress comes on suddenly and loudly with a long, high-pitched shriek followed by a long pause and then a flat wail
  • The “leave-me-alone” cry is similar to a hunger cry

Sometimes you can get more than one cry happening at once. For instance, when your baby wakes up they are usually hungry and crying for food. If left unattended they will begin to cry from being frustrated as well. Now they are crying for two reasons. You willIMG_20171219_155055620.jpg be able to hear the difference. The best way to keep a baby from crying often is to respond quickly and attentively when you hear them begin. You can also avoid the hunger cry completely by looking for “hunger cues” long before the crying begins. These include stretching, sucking, and looking around for a nipple to latch onto. If they are crying for more than one reason such as being cold, hungry, and needing a diaper change then you should always respond to the most pressing need first. In this case I would warm Rowan up, change his diaper, and then feed him. If none of the basic needs help your baby calm down then you can try soothing them with these techniques:

  • Rocking, either in a chair or in your arms swaying side to side
  • Patting their back or chest/gently stroking their head
  • Swaddling (getting them all wrapped up very snug) check out my blog on swaddling to see how to do this
  • Singing or talking to them
  • Putting on “white noise” or some soft music
  • Walking around with them in your arms or stroller
  • Riding around in the car
  • Try giving them a pacifier
  • Putting them in a swing or bouncy seat with a vibration
  • Try burping them to relieve some gas
  • A warm bath
  • Gently stroking their cheek while looking in their eyes and speaking to them
  • Engaging in some tummy time on your chest while laying down (this especially has proven to be helpful with little Row. He seems to love hearing my heartbeat and breathing.)
  • Carrying them around in a wrap or carrier where they are really close to you

If all of this doesn’t work the next best solution is to just leave them be as hard as that is. Many babies cannot fall asleep without crying, and need to exert that energy before drifting off to la-la land. And remember, the more relaxed and calm you are the more IMG_20171220_093659487.jpgeasier you will be able to console your baby. If you get angry or are tense this will just intensify the babies crying. They can pick up on that stress and tension. If you are too stressed or angry then you need to enlist in another family member or friend to help console the baby. Sometimes a new face is what they need to calm down. Don’t ever let your baby’s cry’s make you feel as though you have failed as a parent. There is not a mother on this planet that can make her baby stop crying every single time!

Let me know if you have any tips or tricks that you use to get your baby to stop crying or to soothe them when they are upset and you can’t figure out why! I am always open to new suggestions to implement. And if you have any comments or questions please let me know! I am here to help and answer 24/7! Thanks for reading! Find out more about Me ♥

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