Lil Row Has Milia & Baby Acne!

This morning Rowan and I returned to the pediatrician because they were concerned with him loosing so much weight. I am one proud mama to report he has gained 6 ounces! Almost back up to his birth weight! Yay! Go me! Go Rowan! A few days after he was born and while we were still in the hospital I noticed a bunch of ti-tiny white bumps all over his nose. When I asked the nurse what it was she told me they were milia, a very IMG_20171222_074548551.jpgcommon occurrence in newborns. You can’t prevent or treat milia. They will go away on their own so do not worry if your babe has these as well. They are most commonly seen on a baby’s nose, chin, or cheeks. Milia develops when tiny skin flakes become trapped in small pockets near the surface of the skin. I wasn’t as worried about these bumps as I was the ones that slowly started to appear more and more places all over the rest of his face. Enter the dreaded baby acne. After showing my baby’s face to the doctor she let me know this is in fact what it was and also there was nothing to do about it. It would clear up on its own. About 50% of newborns develop baby acne around 2-3 weeks of age (Rowan is a 2 weeks and 2 days). After much research I have found that just like adult acne, baby acne is caused my hormones. Not baby’s hormones though, moms! I feel awful knowing in some small way I have caused my poor child to have these little pimples all over his face. Mom’s hormones stimulate oil glands causing this nasty buggers to pop up everywhere! A few tips to follow:

  • Don’t squeeze, pick or scrub acne.
  • Cleanse the area with water two or three times a day. Pat skin dry gently.
  • Don’t use soap or lotion on affected areas.
  • Avoid acne or other skin care products meant for adults.

I am so sad and wanted to have some awesome christmas pictures of him! Oh well, guess I will be touching up some baby photos this year! I did even more research because even though they say there is nothing you can do; I felt like there just had to be some sort of remedy that I could use! I found some natural home remedies that I will be trying and will let you know my success with them as well. Here are the remedies I will be trying:

  • Applying a small amount of coconut oil to infected areas
  • Breast milk! Can you believe breast milk is supposed to fix this problem? Studies show that lauric acid in breast milk has anti-bacterial and acne fighting properties. Breast milk also contains omega-3 fatty acids and glyconutrients that help in gentle exfoliation of the skin and make baby acne go away. Just apply a little bit and wipe off excess
  • Oatmeal! Give your babe an oatmeal bath
  • A honey and lemon juice mixture 1 teaspoon of each mixed together, leave on for 30 minutes then wash off
  • A vinegar water mixture 1 part vinegar to 10 parts water, leave on for 1 minute then wash off
  • Baby powder-apply after bath or after washing face gently rub in

On top of these remedies I recommend washing their face a few times a day with a warm wash cloth. Try to keep their fingers and hands from touching their face (I know this is hard, if you don’t have mittens put some socks on their hands!). Make sure you are washing all of your babies clothes before they wear them for the first time. On top of that, wash them separately from everything else and use a mild baby detergent to do so. Dress little one in light, loose-fitting clothes seeing as sweating will make it worse. If you are breastfeeding then you need to watch your diet as well because everything you intake the baby does too. Make sure you are getting plenty of water and fruits/veggies.

I personally have started to treat Rowan’s acne today with a bath. I then applied breast milk with a cotton swab. AFter that dried, I applied sprinkled baby powder onto my fore finger and rubbed that into his skin along the affected areas. I havent been able to locate my coconut oil so I am heading out to purchase some of that and will be giving him an oatmeal bath tomorrow. Later I will make sure to post an update with pictures and let everyone know how this process is going. If you are dealing with this at home as well, I know it is hard to remind yourself that this will clear up on its own so try some of these tips and see if anything works for you. Let me know if you have any questions about anything. I am happy to be of service and will answer you right away! Also, if you have any suggestions for me on how to help little Row please comment with those as well! Thanks for reading! Find out more about Me ♥

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