The Strangest Thing That Has Increased My Milk Supply

So I have done countless hours of research on how to increase my milk supply and spent hundreds upon hundreds of dollars. Everything from power pumping to drinking teas IMG_20180102_085451152.jpgand to taking over 40 supplements a day. When I went to my lactation appointment they told me an old wives tale about how to increase milk supply. DRINKING GATORADE! And not just any gatorade, it has to be blue! The original blue.. cool blue! My lactation consultant actually wrote this down on my sheet as something I was supposed to be doing; drinking gatorade! As strange as this sounds I headed to the grocery store and stacked up on all the cool blue gatorade I could carry. I came home and started drinking one every hour. Believe it or not this has done something dramatic to my supply. I went from getting about 1oz. to 1 1/2oz (out of both breasts combined) to getting over 3oz.’s! Something this crazy actually IMG_20180102_085537287.jpgworked for me! So I wanted to let all you other moms having trouble with getting your milk supply up that this might just be the trick to pull out the sleeve! I have bought pretty much every lactation supplement on the market and none of them compare to the power of the BLUE gatorade! Take my advice and go buy some today! You might just be as surprised by the results as I was. If you have any tips on how to help get milk supply up, leave a comment below!

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