The Honest Company Product Reviews

Who doesn’t love shopping? Having a baby has brought new light to my shopping experiences… now I have someone else to shower my love on. When I saw the Honest Company products at CVS I just knew I wanted to try them. I am all for all natural and organic in EVERYTHING for my child (and myself as well). I bought three items which I reviewed ____. I absolutely fell in love with every single item I purchased from this company. For those of you who aren’t in the know, this company was started up by Jessica Alba…

Our story began with a simple desire: to make the right choices for our families. We were parents in search of safe options, but unsure of where to turn. We needed one brand that we could go to for trusted products and information. And when we couldn’t find what we were looking for — and realized we weren’t alone — the idea for Honest was born.

And since we can shop from the convenience of our own bed I decided to check out their website and see what else they had to offer. I found a ton of products that I wanted to try ranging from everything for baby all the way to household cleaners and laundry IMG_20180107_201416451.jpgdetergent. To make things better they offer a “bundle” in which you can pick and choose what you want sent to you while saving 35%. I chose to try the “Essentials Bundle” because everything I wanted seemed to be under this category. You get to pick up to five items costing you 35.95$ with free shipping. You can also go for the diapers and wipes bundle which costs around 79$ and free shippingIMG_20180107_201523678.jpg (includes 240 diapers total 40 per pack). If you check out the site you can try a “discovery kit” of the diaper and wipes bundle which I did. It came with 6 diapers and you get to choose which prints you want; they are adorable. I am in love! It all arrived in a very timely manner (about 3 days) and the packaging was superb. They even placed anything that could leak into little plastic ziplock baggies. Everything exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend shopping here. If you want to order from them you can save extra going through this link.

Hand Sanitizer (2 bottles)

I tend to break out from hand sanitizers because they always have too much alcohol or other harmful ingredients that irritant my skin. So I figured I would give this a try. I loveIMG_20180107_201715549.jpg the light lavender smell and I love the fact that you get two of them in the bundle (counting as one item). This stays on my bedside table and in my diaper bag at all times.

Organic Body Oil

Now this stuff is like magic. No seriously, it really is magic! It is even smoother and better feeling than raw coconut oil. If I had to recommend one product out of everything I got (which IMG_20180107_201845407.jpgwould be really hard to do) this would be the one.  You can use it on yourself as well as your baby. It is good for pregnant women’s bellies for stretch marks. It is good for my dry skin on my face. It is good for all over my Rowans little body especially after bath time. And your skin will just soak this right up. It is very light and refreshing and has a delicious smell to it that I can’t quite place. Love, love, love this stuff right here!

Shampoo & Body Wash

Again, I went with the dreamy lavender sent because you just can’t go wrong with that calming essence of lavender. Especially after bath time for my little one. When I am looking for bath products I always choose one that is “all over” or “all in one”. It is enough trying to fight a baby in the tub, I don’t need to have separate shampoos, IMG_20180107_201933554conditioners, body wash, etc. to have to deal with as well. Little Row loves this stuff and I have gotten it in his eyes a time or two and it hasn’t seemed to bother him yet. It does say it’s tear free but until I see that for myself I never believe it. But this one is in fact tear free!

Diaper Rash Cream

I am a HUGE fan of Butt Paste for my little ones behind but, IMG_20180107_201816040.jpgyou can never have too many tubes of diaper rash cream. So I added this to my bundle and am sure it will be just as fabulous as all the other products I am using from Honest Company.

Soothing Baby Bottom Wash

If i had to pick a tie with my number one favorite item from this bundle, the baby bottom wash would be it. I have used this religiously since I first opened it the day it arrived at my door. I just quickly spray a little on his behind before putting a diaper on and it has helped IMG_20180107_201753826.jpgtremendously with the poopy diapers. Nothing sticks to him and its so easy to clean and put a new diaper on after. I only use one wipe! That is how awesome this stuff is. I also use it after giving him a bath just for some extra comfort to his little tushy.

Lactation Plus

You all know the problems that I have gone through with the ups and downs of my milk supply. And all of the supplements, cookies, home remedies, and teas I have tried to help with it. I am loving this supplement IMG_20180107_201731889.jpgbecause it includes all of the vitamins that I bought separately all rolled into one. If you buy it without the bundle it is only 19.95$ which is drastically cheaper than the 100$ Lactiful supplement I was previously using. I like these so much that I went ahead and purchased 4 bottles in total at CVS. So, if you are having trouble keeping your milk supply up give these a go!

I can’t stress enough how amazing these products have been. I will also be writing a review of the other products that I purchased at CVS by Honest Company later today and posting that as well if you want to check them out. They really do have a pretty swell line up of baby products. They also sell at Babys-R-Us and Target that I know of. If you have tried any of the other products and have enjoyed them, let me know! Or if you have any questions or other comments feel free to leave those below as well. Again you can use this link to get some extra off of your purchase from The Honest Company. Find out more about Me ♥!

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