Decorating My Bedroom

Since becoming pregnant with Rowan, I recently moved back home with my mother so I could be a full-time stay at home mom and raise my son. At first I was devastated about leaving Asheville (and still sometimes get sad about it) and moving back to Charlotte. I am a hippie at heart so Asheville was such a great place for me. I honestly thought I would spend the rest of my life there. It has everything that I love all in one city. Art, tons of live music, friendly people, wonderful food, and everything in between. But given the opportunity to be a stay at home mom with the support of my mom and step-dad was just too good to pass up. I knew it was the best thing for my son as well.

The worst part of leaving (besides leaving my friends) was having to evacuate from my amazing apartment on the edge of downtown. Not only was the location superb but I LOVED my apartment. I always go for the weirdly shaped, odd-looking places and this15275495_358479164502638_8257020256568999936_n was just that. It was the top floor of a three-story old house that was built as a tuberculosis center way back when. I had a “hobbit door” in the back that had stairs leading to the washer and dryer. It had angled ceilings and the best views of the mountains a girl could ask for.

And to top all of that off I had FINALLY got my room decorated just the way I wanted it. It took a lot of time, energy, and creativity. Along with my other 14553113_598864003653902_6016679308255297536_nloves, I hold a dear spot for plants in my heart and I felt like I lived in the forest. I had over a hundred plants in my room scattered about. Great floor to ceiling windows on two walls that let in all the natural light I needed to keep every plant I could possibly want happy. I had all the furniture in the right places and everything had finally come together.

Now I am back at home and having to begin this decorating/furniture placement process all over again. Don’t get me wrong, I kind of enjoy the adventure aspect of it again. But, I do know how much work it is going to take and that it probably won’t be “just the way” I like it for15306529_230926840646333_4574358380348440576_n years to come. I am reaching out for any ideas you all have on decorating cheaply. I am into the boho/gypsy vibe and love anything that brings nature indoors. It is hard to go from having a two bedroom apartment to moving into just one room of a house. I had to let go of almost all of my furniture and the rest of my stuff is in a storage unit that I am slowly digging through. The past three photos are of my room in Asheville (shedding tear as I write this) and below is a picture of the progres I have made with what plants I was able to bring back home with me. Most of my babies stayed in Asheville with my dear friends because I just didn’t have room for them to make the trip back. I hope that I will be able to add to my collection and get some hanging from the ceiling again but for now, I am happy with what I got going on. Still, so much more decorating needs to be done! If you have any ideas that might help me out on  this new journey pleaes let me know in the comments below. I would love to answer

IMG_20180101_123021744_HDR.jpgany questions you might have about my advice on interior design or on plant life and how to bring it indoors. There is nothing better than being surrounded my nature. There are so many wonderful benefits of filling your house with plants. They are natural air purifiers for one, not to mention their beauty and to know you are helping a living thing grow!


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