Creating Easy Art For Nursery

I am always up for anything that is creative, easy, and cheap. So, when I was thinking of ways to be creative in the nursery with art I stumbled upon a really nifty idea. I love IMG_20180109_225752829painting with acrylic because it is the most forgiving of all mediums in my opinion. But, I also love trying to be artistic with everything that is out there. That being said, watercolor has NEVER been my thing. It is really hard to master (I have yet to do so) andnot forgiving at all. It is the complete opposite way of painting than when you use acrylic. Instead of being able to pretty much put any color on top of any other color, you have to paint light to dark. You have to 


know where you want your lighter colors to be and make sure you don’t put any color there until last. It is a very unusual method to me and it aggravates me very much every time I try. This doesn’t mean I don’t continue to attempt watercolor paintings.. it just means I don’t have one I am happy or proud of yet. The day will come I am convinced.

I also love doing zentangle and if you don’t know anything about zentangle you definitely should check it out. It is essentially just doodling with many different designs. It is actually like meditation to me when I practice zentangling. I love it. It clears my IMG_20180109_234529527mind and doesn’t take any artistic talent to do. You can use fine-tipped sharpies to zentangle or any other fine tip pens. I have a set of all different widths that I use when I doodle.

Since I can’t watercolor but still love the idea of it but I can doodle, I decided to add the two of them together. I just slop some watercolor in different shapes all over a piece of paper. Vellum paper is the best and the thicker the better. Then after it dries I go back and start to doodle or “zentangle” in different designs and shapes IMG_20180109_225737228on top of the watercolor spots I painted. To me it ends up being a pretty cool piece of art.

I wanted to go with orange colors because little Row’s nursery is fox themed and I wanted to pull all the orange together. I went to Good Will and purchased a bunch of frames for like 10-50 cents a piece and am going to paint them shades of orange to place on top of the paper, with no frame. Let me know what you think of this idea. Am I just crazy or does it actually look pretty cool?

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