Beginning A Scrapbook!

I want to start by first saying that I have NEVER scrapbooked before. So, if you are like me let’s start this journey together!

We all know that you when you have a child you start taking a gazillion pictures. I started to think about all the things that could happen to them since they are in the inter webs. Not getting backed up right (better yet, at all), loosing my phone and pictures through doing so, my computer crashing with all my photos on it, and on and on. And like any mom out there, I wanted to document my childs first year of life. This all started with the idea that I would begin a baby book so I started surfing the web for a good one. Not to say there isn’t a good one out there and maybe I just couldn’t find it but, to me they ALL stunk pretty bad. Besides being very generic, none of them were appealing to me in any way shape or form. I came to the conclusion that it would be better to make my own baby book from scratch. So, I started searching for the perfect “journal” type of book that I could begin drawing, painting, and glueing photos to. I found an awesome one and Michael’s for around 30$ and went ahead and ordered it. After doing that, I started looking on pinterest and around other blogs for ideas on documenting your childs first life in a book. I began to think about how much time would go into me doing literally ALL of the work. And I wanted every page to be beautiful so I would be doing a lot of painting a drawing.. A LOT. This is what lead me to finding out about Project Life.

What is Project Life you say? It is the wonderfully put together system of scrapbooking created by the talented Becky Higgins. Everyone’s Project Life albums looked so different and unique. It was love at first sight. And without doing much research into it or theIMG_20180114_100638604 cards I was ordering (turned out to be a teensy weensy problem for me) I quickly built my Project Life cart up and ordered everything the same night I found out about it. I like versatility and the option of doing things in a different order. I don’t like turning pages and everything looking the exact same. So, I ordered a bunch of different page protectors.. and I mean a BUNCH. I think I have 4 of the big packs and then like 3 of the smaller ones. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, when I get into something I go full force and scrapbooking wasn’t going to be any different. I also picked out an album (they have a large one and small one to choose from) and a core kit. A core kit is a group of cards that all have similar theme and are all put together in the idea of making it easier for you to scrapbook. At first glance of the core kits offered, I wanted to get the “Explore” edition but I ended up with the “baby edition” for him.

It took about a week and half for everything I ordered to be delivered. As I waiting image1-1impatiently, I went out to all the craft stores (Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Joanns) around my area and began to load up on stickers and stamps. A lot of this thing called washi tape? Again, this is after digging deep into the internet world and seeing what other people used, techniques, and supplies that I would need. I got a paper trimmer, a corner rounder punch-out, pens and pencils, stamp ink, craft paper, a tape runner (adhesive), image1watercolors, acrylic paints, some stencils, and so much more. I also found out that, SURPRISE, they sell Project Life at Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and Joanns. So, now I’m super upset because all I want to do is start scrapping and I could have just bought stuff at these stores. Although, I will admit they did not have the baby edition which is what I had ordered. Whatever, it couldn’t hurt to buy some of the smaller boxes of cards could it? Maybe then I could start scrapping.. heck yes!

At this point it has been about 7 days of me learning about Project Life and constantly looking at ideas on Pinterest and watching YouTube videos. Now I have found out that you can pretty much make your own cards with any of that pretty cardstock that they sell at the stores. I began to try to create some of my own cards and actually liked what I was beginning to see. This all makes Project Life a lot more.. not really complicated.. but time-consuming IMG_20180114_100842667which it is not supposed to be. But, this is another reason I love Project Life. You can make it as easy as you want it to be or you can embellish every picture and draw on every blank space. Totally your call!

Now we arrive at today when my Project Life order FINALLY appeared at my door step! I was so excited to really dig in now and start putting together my scrapbook. I wanted to get caught up to where my son is now in his life (which by the way is a month and 3 weeks) so that I could work on it as time goes. Of course I have hundreds uponIMG_20180114_100712822 hundreds of photos to sift through and I pretty much want them all in my book. When I opened the cards and started looking at them, I realized that none of the journaling/filler cards could be placed horizontally. This was a real bummer because as I said before I didn’t want to use the same layout on every page. They are all meant to be used with the Design A pack of page protectors. Not only that, but this also would mean that my pictures all had to be horizontal. Since I hadn’t busted out my digital camera yet all of my pictures had been taken on my phone making the majority of them vertical pictures. This was a major dilemma. One that I would have known I would stumble upon if I had read all the IMG_20180114_100830315reviews and dug deeper in my research before jumping the gun on ordering everything. So, let this be a warning to anyone out there beginning Project Life for the first time. Make sure your kit includes both vertical and horizontal journaling/filler cards for your scrapbook. Otherwise you will run into the same problems that I did. This also would not have been an issue if I went with my first choice of cards and purchased the “Explore” edition. Trust your gut! Of course I got online and ordered the Explore edition right away but now I am back to waiting for my cards again!

Here are a few tips I will offer to a beginner of Project Life:

  • Like I said up there, make sure you look at the cards you are ordering and get both horizontal and vertical choices
  • Shop around! You don’t have to order Project Life kits from their website! There are plenty of other distributors out there and they offer way lower prices!
  • If you want to see if you would even like this idea, I know etsy/ebay sellers offer 3$ packs of 50 cards from random kits
  • Even if you are going to keep it simple (not embellish at all) you should invest in a corner rounder puncher to keep your photos rounded like the cards. I got a 4$ one at Hobby Lobby and it works great!
  • Don’t set yourself up for failure! Choose a few photos and just tell yourself you are going to work on one spread at a time!

That’s it! If you have any questions I would be happy to answer. Likewise, if you have any tips for a beginner scrapper/project lifer please let me know! I will continue to post as I do a spread each week once my new cards get here! They should only take two days to arrive since I didn’t order from the PL site! So stoked! Find out more about Me ♥!

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